Monday, 22 June 2015

well i never!

 I think Ive mentioned that I'm plowing through old negatives!!100s of them but Ive also started to put old films into the chemist to be processed i had 56!!!Dating back from the seventies!!all in a plastic bag that has been moved from place to place over the years!!!Its been hitty missy on the quality of the negatives!!and at 5 pound 99p each for the development of the negatives only ,it works out a lot of money!!
 But i was thrilled to bits to find this film!!!Memory's flooded back!!!!our trip to Edinburgh!!!It must have been in the late 1980s or early 1990s i cant remember!! Me and my best friend Barbara went for a weekend !!!I'm sure the above photo is the camera obscurer which was fascinating!!!!
 I vaguely remember Babs buying an amber ring!!
 The castle....
 i remember it was so much fun...

 This must have been our guest house....

 What a gem to find this amongst my 56  rolls of film!!!!
 I have had 6 films processed! but as i sorted out my craft room i found another five rolls!!!

lovely memories of a wonderful time with a wonderful friend x

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