Thursday, 27 June 2013

The shhhush bunny.............

 Well what am i going to do...Rosa's little bunny who has the rather grand name of  Casteele precious McTavish ...don't ask!!!! homeless!!! i fell in love with her after visiting my bunny friend she is sitting on top of my patchwork!!!

 Shes very small very timid with rather a lot of facial hair!!The plan was to introduce her to Boris and Effie Trinket and shed live happily ever after. Of course we didn't  bother to tell hubby, he wouldn't notice an extra bunny!!!Well!!! the plan didn't work out as Mrs Effie Trinket the softest bunny on the block cant stand this young  rather hairy glamour puss!!! To the extent of  becoming rather nasty !! Boris fell in love with her at first sight!! So now i have  the cutest baby rabbit with no where to live!!shes enjoying her days hopping around the yard ...lazing on the day bed getting carried around,cuddled and spoilt...but my poor hubby still doesn't know we have her!! shes in Rosa's room  overnight lounging in a large toy box!!!my friends call her the shush rabbit and i keep getting texts asking if shes been discovered!!! She escaped last night and i had to send a secret search party to find her!!!She was happily sitting in the Christmas tree under Rosa's bed!!!!looks like I'm going to secretly have to buy another hutch!!Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!
 Me and Sean off to Alpha..

 Its week three................
 and Sean's really enjoying it.....

 Jesus loves you Sean!!!!

 My first attempt at a raggy quilt!!!

and a very upset Effie Trinket  who refuses  to be cuddled or come out of her hutch and people say rabbits are dumb!!! their full of character and so loving though this little scally wag doesn't love Mizz Mctavish our SHUSH rabbit!!!!  mm will she be discovered!! will hubby wake up in the middle of the night with a bunny in his bed!!!  or will the Christmas tree be nibbled bare ......time will tell heehee x

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