Thursday, 28 March 2013


Easters  around the corner!!!

Time for the Easter bunny to deliver all those lovely eggs!!!

 Penny's sat and guarded them for days!!

 Our own Easter Bunny's are getting bigger and love to come inside for a cuddle and chill out!!Watching Sean on his new game!!

Thank God i got the good news that I'm all clear from the breast clinic!!though Ive been told i have arthritis!! but i can live with that!!

What i found this morning!! Sean had wrote it and i was so touched..thank you son x
 Ive spent a lot of time finishing patchworks and making things and not a lot of time on line...............

 Mainly because Rosa's PC is in to be fixed and she had a lot of collage work to do.So she had to use her mums dinosaur PC as she calls it!

 Penny  forever the guard has spent so much time guarding the window and the Easter eggs shes not wanted to venture out...i think its too cold for her! I'm desperate to bath and cut her but its so cold and is still trying to snow!!

Rosa has an important interview at collage....
 She puts so much pressure on herself!!!

 But off she went today armed with her work...........

 Good luck my beautiful girl...don't look so nervous you ll be fine.............and good luck to my niece who started home schooling last week...if you both get half as much fun and pleasure that me and Rosa got you ll love it!!!xxx

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