Sunday, 6 October 2013

Grandad George,,,x

 This last week i was lucky enough to visit  Grandad George.........

 This is my son with his Grandad.....George came into my life thirty eight year ago along with one of the most wonderful women Ive been lucky enough to meet in my life his lovely wife Anne who looking back was the most amazing mother in law i could ever have had. Anne passed away a long time ago but i Afton think about how sweet and kind she was in what was sometimes a very difficult life........She always treat my middle son Sean as a grand son and unfortunately passed away before he was old enough to have met her. She was unique ,ultra intelligent , kind and warm.... i miss her ............ I was swept down memory lane that morning as i cuddled George  hes 82 and still has the same amazing sense of humour  he had when he was a young  man!!!

What a character...a  lovely lovely man ...GEORGE xxxxxxxxx

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