Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My day...bonzo and fog!!!

Well today i woke up at half five for work was freezing and i was greeted with fog!!!

four hours later i was on my way home shattered ..i have been working non stop lately and  trying to divide my time between work and Sean's hard sometimes...but i do love work especially in SUZICRAF!

Bonzo is getting so big!!this is him asking Julie not to leave him!! hes penned when she goes out as hes still not fully house trained and goodness knows what he'd chew! hes so beautiful!
Sean and me  met sue at Slimming world i was so pleased  me and sue got joint slimmer of the week and i lost my first half stone...actually Ive lost eight pound in three weeks and Sean had his first weigh in and lost two and a half pound Sue lost three pounds too!!! WELL DONE us!!!
We went to the shop so Sean could tell everyone his good news I'm so proud of him as hes really stuck to his diet!! we collected Holly Anne and went Christmas shopping...........

Me and my beautiful Rosa xxx

Joan made this amazing book for Rosa as a belated birthday gift xx
isn't she so talented, she makes them all by hand from scratch!!!

Sean enjoying his tea I'm amazed at the amount of food you can eat on this diet!!!

My amazing book  about my very favourite painter Frida Kahlo............

Rosa being silly!!

She was watching this!! Super natural she loves it and wants Santa to bring her the box set!!

Does my nose look big in this! heehee

Ive decided my family are so dysfunctual but oh boy do i love lovely hubby!!!

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