Wednesday, 2 October 2013

yesterdays pictures..........

 The start of my favourite season as i walk to work on a crisp wintery morning it hits me that Christmas is a coming!!!
 a mixture of excitement and total horror at the lack of gifts i have in....I'm always  almost finished shopping by now....i haven't even started. Christmas has lost its meaning for me, everyone focuses on gifts rather than the true meaning ....i think it should be a mixture of both!!The church over from the bus stop looked beautiful in the morning sun................
 I decided to get off the bus and walk right through the high street...extra exercise!!!

 The calm in the middle of a busy town..................
 An oasis...somewhere to sit and reflect...if your not rushing to open a craft shop!!!
 I love the  shadows that the morning sun casts...........

 now to work!!
 I packed some of these awesome Christmas clocks a bargain at one pound fifty!!They can be inked, painted  embossed glittered  our design team have made some beautiful things with this new product that my son  has produced why don't you pop over to his blog!!
 Well i have to behave as I'm on a strict diet!!!
 Packing masks....these are amazing  stencils and an embossing mask combined!!!!!


 I found these amazing pins in the stockroom 10  for a pound!!!!!
 My beautiful Grand daughter!!!
 Shes obsessed by her grandad!!and never takes her eyes off him its something to do with his bald head we think!!!!!
 Then off to the shops for some fruit!!!!Pineapples only 69 p !!
 I did love this heather so!!

 Picked up a bag of sweets for Rosa as shes going to see the musical WICKED in Manchester today with collage...................something for the long bus journey!
 These bottles of beer always fascinate me and id love to peel the label off the Hobgoblin to use in a Halloween project!!

 I love this one too!!!

 Hasn't Bonzo grew in two weeks!!

 Sean adores him xxx

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