Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All around the world!!!

Ive followed blogs for years!!Certain ones i visit every day!! Country Rabbit, Tabibo,Life at the end of the road,Nostalgia at the stone house being  my old favourites.....The chronicles of windy ridge is a new blog i follow its fantastic!!  The excitement  unfolding around the pregnancy and birth of little Jessie Pearl!!Then all the brilliant new blogs that have sprung up  around SUZICRAFT  and SPLOGEAWAY , all of the crafters i know personally starting up blogs about all the exciting things that are happening in their own personal crafting world!! I'm well and truly hooked!! I'm amazed when i check my stats and see  how people from all around the world have  looked at my posts ,from  the UK to America ,Canada to Nepal,India  to Denmark ,Australia to  Jamaica!!! the list is endless!!Thank you every one  who's taking the time to look and follow my Ramblings  on life !! Its a wonderful way  of being able to  document your life a bit like a visual diary!!A super way  to allow my family to peek into my every day  adventures!!.......A big thanks to everyone who's hit the join this site button!!! Its wonderful that  a flick of a switch and a press of a button   opens up a fantastic chance to look into peoples lives all around the world!!!!!!

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  1. Yes Freda it's open up my eyes, better than all the bitchin and moaning you get on facebook xx


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