Monday, 1 April 2013

pain free and happy!!

Look who came to visit!! My Lovely friend Jenny Lee and my God daughter Lulu...........Showing off her new Red vest!!!

 Jenny brought lunch which was very was lovely Ive never bought  a ready meal from Iceland but it was tasty and really good value!  though did you have to bring donuts!!!!x

Look what i found chalked on my wall!!!

I really miss Jenny Lee living over the road...shes so sweet and she makes me laugh! Thank god my tooth was feeling a lot better .. we talked and talked  and she gave Rosa some really good tips on her creative writing....and we laughed i so needed it as Ive just spent most of the week in so much pain Dentist tomorrow if i can get in!!!

 We met Sue and my grand daughter  as i went to post my sons birthday card and I'm excited as were going for a coffee soon!! Then my son popped in to see me !


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