Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dentists Judy Moody and a big gap!!!

Today was the dreaded dentists visit..to have a huge back tooth pulled I .tried to forget with an early walk with Penny!!Here she is  worn out plus a nice shot of my trusty wellies!!My best friend Judith came with me for moral support and hubby was off so he came too. The dentist was amazing, he told me i still had the abscess ,which was at the root of the  so i would need extra anaesthetic!! I never felt a thing...thank you to my lovely dentist!!

 Afterwards i managed a walk to my best charity shop....i picked this up five times and put it back...i knew id regret not buying it so it came home with me!!!

 Plus this which i love an original photo mounted and framed!!Its not a  very good picture of it but my excuse is I'm so tired!!but its stunning it dates i would say  from the 1920s a mum and her children..wheres dad??I love vintage photos and have a lot this cost a pound!

After a coffee which i drank through a straw!!!i dragged hubby to the free book shop and got this lot............

 A book for my lovely Madison  .All about a girl called Judy Moody who is learning about the environment and the destruction of the rain Forrest's  and decides to save the endangered species in her own back yard!!
I'm starting to collect books for my nieces children and Millie i have one for you and Dixie and Ruby Jo and Cain ill be finding you some too. I got so many books for Rosa when i home schooled her its an amazing resource  especially when your  struggling to make ends meet!! i always put a donation in the box .........

and this was a  gift from my lovely hubby thank you Hun well I'm off for a lie down as i have a throbbing mouth but at least the tooth aches gone..... bye x


  1. J aime beaucoup le dessin avec la fille sur la mer!!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  2. Merci Maria j'aime trop l'image xxx


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