Tuesday, 30 April 2013

struggling!! cups ,rabbits of course and a very clever cousin x

I'm really struggling without my camera...its challenging trying to take decent images with a phone! Hopefully ill be able to buy a battery soon...like a lot of people we are struggling in this economic climate!!
LEMONS!!!! my kids love real lemon lollies!!and i make them winter and summer!!
 My little dog guards the house from morning to night...she takes her job very seriously!! She hates the poor postman and her main aim in life is to get him!! Her life consists of walks, food, guarding and playing with Boris Snuffles her best rabbit friend!In between that, its long naps, cuddles and growling at anyone who tries to remove her from a chair or bed!! growling for growlings sake  she loves to growl!!

 I'm so pleased i found this beautiful cup and saucer from the flea market the other week only a pound!!!What a bargain.....Leah  my rabbit friend will love this ...were both mad on china tea cups and anything vintage!! I had an awesome day out Saturday at the vintage fair  with her.....we ate cake and drank tea  while listening to 40s music...looked at some awesome things  Leah bought an awesome hat  such a good day!!! Were looking forward to the next one!! I was just so annoyed i couldn't take pictures!!!

 A really sunny day today!!! Though it looks rather cloudy in this picture!!

 I found these awesome blogs last night and ended up not getting to bed till three in the morning!! My favourite is Patchwork chicken!!!

 This is an excellent blog for anyone who needs some inspiration  cooking!! LIKE ME!! really brilliant recipes............

Boris having a cuddle...before he got out with his two sons for a romp around the yard!Hes such a soft boy and has forgiven me for his trip to the vets to have his unmentionables chopped off!!

I went to my friend Judith's to help her along to the doctors poor thing! and called to see my daughter in law and grand daughter..had a lovely half hour  nattering while baby slept in her mums arms was so  lovely to see......

My sun flowers are sprouting fast...Ive planted a lot this year as i want some to cut for the house some for the front garden...my tiny postage stamp of a garden!! and some for the rabbits!!Everything this year will be up a height excepting for the tubs I'm growing for them!!and Ive had to be careful of my choice of plants too as i don't want my bunnies to get sick.................

 A few Poppy's are sprouting!!
Stunning reflections in the back yard...a beautiful bird bath a gift from Tom and Sue for Christmas reflects in the sun!

Last night i travelled the world while drinking tea and munching on a sandwich...you can see the crumbs!!! I love Google Earth and Afton dart around the world in a night...its  amazing i visited Frida Khalos blue house last night then flew across the world and saw the Vatican!! ill never  visit them in my lifetime but its lovely to be able to see the streets of France and the roads through Germany ......the gates of the concentration camps and Anne franks house!!

This is what my amazing cousin made for Rosa ..it came on the weekend of her birthday!!with a bag for collage,,,i pinned it up on the dining room wall to take a picture but this camera phone just doesn't do it justice!!its stunning!!with her name cross stitched on to the bunting as well as Roses!!She loved it I'm hoping she doesn't make me take it down!! Liz your so so talented and Rosa loved it xxx

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