Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Painting ,Pigeons and my little LuLu x

Today i visited Jenny Lee, I miss her so much, she lived over the road from me and we became very close friends!!I love Jenny , shes funny, clever,and a good friend!!

She also has a partner Nick and a daughter Abbie Louise who I'm proud to say is my God Daughter............

Beautiful blue eyes!!I love the look on her face ..i was interrupting her cake taking photos!!!

Off we went shopping and we all put together and bought lunch!!
 Then we started the yard!!

I bossed everyone about!!!!!

Jenny loved painting!!

Jenny Lee and Judith having a break!!

I fell in love with this racing pigeon...every one knows they seem to follow me....this one was beautiful and was ringed but i tried four times to catch it and couldn't! much to the amusement of the girls.Wonder where its from ??some one has lost a beautiful bird , i was going to smuggle it home in my bag!!without telling hubby...Ive done that before!!

I love Jenny Lees back communal and stunning  in the summer!!

All painted.......

Our foreman came to check!!!and was pleased with the work....the lovely Nick wondering if he was in the right back yard!!!

                        and my beautiful god daughter had a right old chuckle!!!
                                        love you LuLu  xxxxx


  1. I love these photos of Abs! Im gonna have to pinch them!!


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