Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ramblings and lilac!

7 weeks ago i started work...its been a bit of a shock to the system really early starts but its been a godsend!! Thank you Julie!!!!Julie is my friend and next door neighbour who got me the post!!!

The weather here has been awful rain rain and more rain ..My poor seedlings are struggling.....

Me and hubby went for a walk tonight  and look what we found.........

Lots of lilac trees growing wild i couldn't resist picking some and a few wild bluebells the house smells glorious!!
I visited my  good friend Leah yesterday and she gave me two beautiful tea plates now Ive got to try and  find the matching cups and saucers!!Theres so much to do in the house and i have to start to think about finishing the decorating in the kitchen...which  was left half finished when i had a sudden attack of very painful sciatica!!! Plus the living room and bathroom, i still haven't finished my patchworks, started my  cushions for the day bed or done any crafting or art!!! But at least i have my new camera to play with and a fantastic free editing  app!!http://www.ribbet.com/app/#/home/welcome xxx

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