Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Muffins mumblings and baby fish!

Thank god theres no sign of babies!!! Mizz Effie Trinket eating breakfast...she so tiny and its hard to tell her and PCMac apart!!Shes the most gentle of bunny out of all of them and is so laid back,,I'm looking forward to putting her back with Boris,,,,just another week!!!

 Its a cold grey day today not like yesterday, its good to have some time off work to catch up with things like decorating and ironing would so prefer to craft but i never seem to have time!!
 As requested i made some blueberry muffins for hubby which Sean promptly dug into with coffee...i bought him this  little coffee pot in the charity shop and hes never stopped using it!! Brilliant for a pound!!!
 I managed to hide some away for the Mr ....

I'm on a diet again!!! My brother reckons  I'm the only woman he knows that's been on a diet for forty years!!!!
 My newest tea cup bought for a pound....i love the colour of it two tones of green!!! Oops i still haven't took Rosa's bunting down its so beautiful i don't want it stuck upstairs my cousin Liz made it and its so delicate as shes embroidered roses onto it...clever clever woman I'm sure Rosa hasn't noticed YET! xxx
 My tiny tiny fish or fry as there called are doing fine....we love fish so were so excited to find out what colours they turn out to be. So far i haven't killed them off we've counted about ten  so the two mummy's must have eaten some of them even tough the tanks full of weed!!!
I found this tiny photo of me and my eldest son Thomas  he looks about two!!i still have lots of scrap booking to do but never seem to have time to do anything !!!

A cross i made with glass beads i found in a charity shop for a pound...

I found this letter in the dresser draw from my cousin over Christmas its so sweet i just had to put it on my blog i don't see much of my cousin since i moved from Tyne side and i seem to miss my family  more with each passing year.....I started this blog for them  to be able to have a glimpse into my every day life and it makes me feel closer to them  my two nieces have started blogs to i just wish my sisters and mam would!!! Come on Laura and Rachel wheres your blogs and Lauren...and LIZ!!!!

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