Friday, 31 May 2013

Cups saucers and naughty rabbits !!

 Ive been sorting and moving things this week ,catching up with house work after  a long two weeks of working....i came across this little musical ornament. My mam and dad were giving this as a gift for their Silver Wedding anniversary. I ve looked after it for about twenty five year.

It plays a really sweet tune when wound up and brought loads of memory's flooding back especially for Sean as it was used for years to send him off to sleep...he was such a terrible sleeper!!!

 My latest find  two cups ,saucers and plates and a  sweet little sandwich plate all for three pound fifty!! a bargain!! My head researcher Sean found them after a few minutes on line and they were made in between 1920 and 1940 in Maastricht which is in Holland! I love them and wonder how they ended up in a charity shop in Teeside!!

Some of my china cups and saucers!!
 We finally brought down the cabinet as my dressers were so over crowded i think i have an obsession!!!

 One of my altered art projects!!
 It was unbelievably foggy this morning when i woke up!

 By lunchtime it was sunny and hot!!!

 My beautiful mint plant growing so well!!
 That is until my baby bunny's escaped through the night!!!I do hope they enjoyed it the little devils!!!

 My peach tree finally bursts through the soil after two year!!!Id given up!!!

 Got some seedling planted............and tidied up my next door neighbours garden which i do every year!!!
Sean enjoying a break!!!!

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