Saturday, 11 May 2013

New camera ...test shots.

 Well Ive got a new camera at last.i don't know what to think!!i had a very tight budget!!Sean helped me pick this and off hubby went last night to collect Rosa's new laptop that has taken 10 weeks to sort  and my camera!! She fell asleep when she was ill and it fell off her bed...the screen was fine but the back was broken to the point of wires being exposed.I'm lucky enough to be insured...i say that because a lot of people  haven't the luxury of being able to do this. We Never claim ..we've only done it once in all the years we've been married ...and that was for our drainpipes that fell down in high winds a few years ago...and sure enough our monthly payment went up!! yes its went up again !!the laptop was packed off to be was repairable and to be honest we were hoping it wasn't as we have to pay 150 pound excess!! Mad isn't it!!the amount we ve paid over 17 year!!and we have to find a chunk of money still!! The amount of folk who advised me to break the screen!! damage it more and you ll get a new one!!Of course my family know i couldn't do that!! My strong faith stops me!! Not that I'm perfect in any way shape or form...but i just couldn't do that!!!.........

Well after a few sleepless weeks wondering where we were going to get the money...a large sum for us!!We wondered where her laptop was!! every time we phoned they said yes its reparable it will be ready next week!!!0 weeks on id had enough and we spoke to our insurers who phoned the repair company...who admitted they'd lost it!!!So we received the money  within a week enough to replace Rosa's laptop and get a camera for me!!God does work in mysterious ways !!!Well these are some test shots Ive managed to hobble out and take...i have severe sciatica and am in agony at the mo!!!!

The one thing that me and my very knowledgeable camera assistant didn't realise ...the camera takes battery's!!!Yes it was written in black and white that it took battery's ...we just seemed not  to read that part!!! I didn't even unpack it!! NO i wasn't going back to that.....back in the day  i was known to lug around tripods lenses filters!!everything was run on battery's!!!...Sean talked me into having a try at least to see what the image quality was like!!

I was blown away by the macro lens....I'm used to a little Nikon  point and press which i did love...but the battery stopped charging..what a carry on trying to replace it i was told my camera was obsolete and it was 25 pound to order in a battery!! Of course my son Thomas came to the rescue and ordered me one on line for two pound!!! It turned out it wasn't the battery it was the camera!!

Here's Boris thinking OH NO !! shes back again!!with a new camera!!!This model isn't a snappy point and press so i cant just fly about snapping everyone on the sly!!!!

 Ive decided to keep it!!and buy a battery charger from the Internet...............

Please excuse the finger nails id just planted some more seeds!!!Sunflowers!!lots of sunflowers my bunny's are going to have a good time..This is one of the cups and saucers i bought from a charity shop...i cant seem to date them???or find the makers..they just have a number on the back!! any idea!!My friend and me are obsessed with china...i always have been but its wonderful to find someone who loves the same things as me and loves and keeps bunny's!!.....i love sitting having a cuppa with Leah and looking at her amazing finds!!!

Well i hope my back hurries up and heals so i can get out with my new  and look for a new second hand china cabnit!! im over run !


  1. Looks like a snazzy camera. Bet uv been lost without one xx

  2. i have i wanted yours but the budget wouldnt strech hun xxx


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