Friday, 3 May 2013

Summers here i hope!!

A lovely walk out with my granddaughter....who's so beautiful!!!I'm so proud of her!!!

On my way home i saw this beautiful cherry tree in flower!!

In the church garden!
 the old camera phones not to bad!!!

 flowers are starting to peek out all over!!

 All the instructions left for my offspring written on the chalk wall!!Nothing  was done!! Sean's having awful trouble with his back and Rosa had been up all night watching net flicks!!!Shes working hard at collage so i let her off!I'm very lucky as she loves cooking and cooks almost  every night!!!

 My mint has sprouted almost over night of course its way up high as my Bunny's totally wrecked two pots a few weeks ago eating all the tender little shoots and then digging all the soil out of the pots,,,what a lovely time they had and what a mess!!

This is one of the culprits but i do love him!!!

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